from by Skadi von Reis

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Arlene she told me in the kitchen
if it was true love I was missing
Then I should go no further than the back of a horse
For she had already seen love run its course

Arlene told me she was pleasing
those around her all the four seasons
she never thought he would take to any other, why should he
when she worked so hard to make him oh so happy

so go
and take the back door, hit the road
say no
don't put that age old knife to your throat

Arlene said that day she found out
she didn't run, didn't scream or shout
but took up the offer the next day at the bar
and went to go ride in some other cowboys car

So don't
you ever marry you sweet girl
say no
don't put that age old knife to your curl

As the rain poured down
her thoughts settled like a cloud
and I'm left to wonder if the truth is in her tongue
or if I'm to be undone

So I'll go
and take the back door hit the road
I'll say no
won't put that age old knife to my throat
Oh Arlene what you done


from Demo, released June 13, 2012
Production by Brady Hall


tags: folk Seattle



Skadi von Reis Seattle, Washington

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